Minecraft 1.5 lag Fix

Minecraft, the most popular sandbox video game has launched its new update Minecraft 1.5. It contains a bunch of bug fixes, new features and improvements. Many people have already installed this update as soon as it released. They have complained frequent Minecraft 1.5 lag. This article is for those who would like to resolve Minecraft lagging problem in a simple step-by-step manner.


Install latest update 1.5.1

Game developers confessed that Minecraft 1.5 has bugs that cause game lagging problem. Therefore they have launched Minecraft 1.5.1 Update followed by the earlier release. It fixes a bunch of bugs,improves performance and overall user experience. Simply download and install latest Minecraft Update 1.5.1 to resolve the lagging problem.

Install OptiFine

OptiFine is a mod that optimizes Minecraft performance. You can run your game faster with full support of HD textures by installing that software. Follow the procedure given below to download OptiFine:

Set Java on High Priority:

Developers have developed Minecraft in Java program. The game events are processed by Java program. Therefore you are required to set Java on high priority. Follow the steps given below:

Increase Refresh Rate

Minecraft 1.5 lag occurs when Frames per Second (FPS) drops. You need to increase the refresh rate to make stable gameplay. The procedure to increase refresh rate is given below:

Fix Windows Registry Errors

Windows Registry is a central database of your computer settings. It creates independent registry keys for each program. Therefore you cannot neglect registry errors.

Fixing registry error manually is very risky and not recommended particularly for non-professionals.